Dental and Medical Inventory software Training

Inventory management has been already covered in the industry for many years. It is established that stock management is mandatory to avoid conflict between demand and supply. Buffer stocks minimize the risk to be short on stock when needed to treat patients. And we know that productivity can be improved by production on the stock. This is what is called the safety stock.

 To implement this kind of management, we need to set up a certain number of processes to evaluate the ideal amount of stock: not too much to avoid freezing too much money and enough to answer to the clinic activity.

 But until now most of the clinics are not equipped with an efficient program allowing the management of stocks and orders. Paper tables and paperwork solutions are still widely used today in the majority of clinics when they are managing the stock. And this is very far from being a good solution: human fault rate is high, process and tracking the inventory is not possible, real-time reports are not available, there is no protected access, no automatic back-ups, no tool to log who has been doing what.

 This new online software created by dentists for dentists is answering the problems related to order and stock management specific to medical practices.

 All the tools are accessible online and the intuitive way to work with it allows a very fast and easy implementation whatever size is the dental practice.

 All users of this program have been surprised by the amount of money stuck in inventory. Based on this information, users have been able to modify their protocol of decision to order items in a better way. It is a real satisfaction to get access to much information in one click. Substantial savings have been done on expenses by all users. Full version access to E-medical manager is available on the website of ANPA MEDICAL SUPPLIES DMCC.

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